Lena Osterlund

Lena is a well-trained physical therapist with over 25 years of experience. Educated and trained at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden, where she received a B.S.P.T., she uses a Scandinavian manual therapy approach to her treatments.

She has worked in several settings in Stockholm and in Honolulu, where she also had her own clinic for 15 years treating mostly orthopedic injuries and specializing in  lumbar, sacroiliac joint and pelvic pain. Since 2016, Lena has been working with Women’s Health clients and was mentored by Jolene Smith PT, who is a prominent and highly-trained Women’s Health Practitioner. 

Lena also has a B.S. in Physical Education Teaching and enjoys helping clients improve their quality of life and physical fitness. She believes strongly in patient education and promoting a joint effort between the practitioner and client towards attainable goals. Lena’s motto is “Quality Care and Proven Results”.

In her spare time Lena enjoys music and physical activity, whether it is spending time in nature, hiking, going to the gym or relaxing with friends. On her vacation she usually travels to Sweden to visit family or to Washington, DC to visit her son, Markus, who plays French horn with the National Symphony Orchestra.